Week 17 – Self Control

This week in the Master Key Experience we continued with our version of  Benjamin Franklin’s list of 13 virtues in life. Here are his words on the 13 virtues he chose,

“I propos’d to myself, for the sake of clearness, to use rather more names, with fewer ideas annex’d to each, than a few names with more ideas; and I included under thirteen names of virtues all that at that time occurr’d to me as necessary or desirable, and annexed to each a short precept, which fully express’d the extent I gave to its meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin


Franklin’s intent was to create a acquire each and create habits to observe and follow the 13 virtues. He decided to follow on eat a time to master it and then progress onto the next. Over time each virtue learned would feed and build upon the next virtues.

Our Master Key version of 13 virtues follows the same pattern over 13 weeks but only two of the virtues, Kindness as @2 and See God in Others #13)  are set in their order and we as Master Key students chose where the rest go in the order according to what we see as our weakest virtue first and our best virtue as #12.

My first week was to see and reflect on Decisiveness. I saw it everywhere. for example on TV the sports prognosticators chose their favorites for the upcoming end of the year awards  for MVP, rookie of the year, playoff favorites  and the like without hesitation and stood their ground when challenged. I saw it also in action as I went about my week in simple things when I asked questions about the weather what is a great place to eat.

Kindness was the virtue for week two. I saw people opening doors, letting other cars pass before them and I noticed people stopping their cars to let me cross the street.

Self Control was my word for week three. At first I didn’t see as much as I saw in the previous weeks. I did decide to get out of bed before the alarm went off at 6am and  I started the day without waiting for the alarm to ring and positively affected my entire day. I was calmer more relaxed and felt like I was in control. For the past 3 or so years I have felt like I was only able to react to life. I was like a puppy with my ben 3head out the window of a car driving at 60mph. Everything looks great until a June bug slaps you in the cheek. Then you recover from that and think life in in order then a bumblebee whaps you in the forehead. I felt I was always flinching because I was thinking that something was going to abruptly change my course for the day. But not that day. I was relaxed and could think first and then act on what happened during the day.

I also kept seeing decisive moments and acts of kindness. In fact I was seeing even more of those moments than the days earlier. This is a progression I like and appreciate and it is sinking in.

Next week’s word is persistence. It means to me following through as promised, keep on working on something until it is done and done well and staying true to your word. Combining Self Control with persistence will allow me to use persistence or to persevere on the right things because my self control will keep me focused on the essential things in my life that I must be persistent with. (Keeping the main thing the main thing because it is the man thing)!

My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.


MKE Week 17 – Embrace The Suck

Great insights on working through difficult times or persevering when we slip up a little. Stay on your best track and you will succeed!


Embrace The Suck

It’s better than the alternative.

As Haanel points out in 17:11 and 17:12 – ‘Momentary enthusiasm is of no value; it is only with unbounded self-confidence that the goal is reached.  The mind may place the ideal a little too high and fall short of the mark;  it may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead of flying, fall to earth; but that is no reason for not making another attempt.’

On our Mastermind tribe call this week, we discussed that in this journey, life still has situations that we must work through (chipping the cement away) to get the things we so desire.  As we are all getting our focus back after some fragmented weeks over the holidays, we encouraged one another to ‘embrace the suck’.  There is growth in embracing it – recognizing it’s an opportunity for growth, not a place to get stuck. …

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Master Key Experience week 16; Miracle

Inspiring to read this Brenda! You write so well!

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I promise to…..

As I look around me for kindness this week, I am amazed that I rarely saw kindness before! That I was so unfocused, so in my own little world, not to notice kindness with out trying to see it! I am so grateful for this exercise this week! One thing I noticed today was my sweet little 5 year old boy! We decided to go visit his great 95 yr old grandma, and we didn’t want to show up empty handed so I let him pick out some donuts and orange juice at the store! When we got to the store my son opened the door for me, his little brother, and a guy walking in behind us! The guy smiled and said thank you, and I also said “Thank you Jaron you are so nice to hold the door for other people”. It just made his…

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Week 16 – Kindness – Give more Get more!

This week I focused on Kindness by showing and observing kindness and the writing about it which I think was a powerful way to relive every moment of kindness we experienced. As I passed through a local shopping mall I smiled at everyone I met and they broke their hum drum look and smiled right back. After the first 4 or 5 smiles I got happy inside and it was fun making so many people smile. I engaged the with the sales clerks more when I made them smile. I also told a few of the that they were doing a great job today. Their smiles were awesome!

It was cold and windy when I left the mall and just as I walked outside I stepped back a little intending for the cars driving past to continue. Both of them stopped and waved me on across the road. So my act of kindness by wanting to let them pass and be on their way was overruled by them looking out for me in the cols weather. Or it was that their parents raised them to be kind.

It was a great week!

My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.



Week 15 – Picking up steam

Back on track after a break. Really starting to enjoy the work now. Getting pumped reading/flashing through the accomplishment and gratitude cards. I turn up the music so loudI almost have to shout and it gets real fun. These exercises make me realize no matter where I am today I have already accomplished many great things in my life and I am now realizing how grateful I am for those around me who have supported me in the past and are now supporting today.

Decisiveness has been difficult me and it seems it has gotten worse as time goes on. The homework for me this week was to notice every instance of decisiveness whether it me me or someone else. It helped me see it it real time and also how many times it occurs every day now that I am watching out for it.  All of the sudden my office is cleaned and much better organized. I’m waking up earlier AND getting up out of bed almost immediately and begin my daily routine. Wait, my daily routine? That’s new. I like it.

The exercises, I don’t like to call them that but that word will do for now, are small tasks to repeat every morning, afternoon and evening to start building newer and better habits. These habits dictate that the first 30 minutes to an hour of the day and the last 30 minutes to an hour at night are to be reserved for personal growth. Masterkey leader Mark Januszewski tells us the last hour is crucial in re-programming our minds with positive and uplifting thoughts that will carry on through the night basking our subconscious mind in personal greatness. The video below with Jim Kwik builds on that and gives it a name “Personal Sovereignty”  as he says we give that up if we don’t use that precious early morning time to plan out our day before we get bombarded with decisions and life. I’m taking the advice of both of these thought leaders and keeping the first and last hours of the day as “Personal Sovereign” time to start each day with a great purpose and positive direction. Mark J suggests we use that golden time in the morning to express our gratitude out loud and to relive a great moment from the previous day.  I am using the last hour to reflect and to unwind to prepare my mind to rest but also reflect of the positive things in my life that I am grateful for especially reflecting on the awesome day I just had.

Have look at the video and let me know what your thoughts are about the two hours in a day that you can actually control. And will yield massive positive benefits in your life and in the lives of those around you.

This is a story about good and evil, positive and negative, love and the absence of love.

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”Wolves, Canis Lupus, Two Wolves

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,
“Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied,
“The one you feed.”

It has been a fantastic week for me. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning so I can continue on this journey.

My Name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.

Week 14 – Persistent habits of success with a few explosions thrown in.

This week I watched 6 recommended feature films to discover and write about four habits of persistence of the main character in each film. The movies were “Rudy”, “Wild”, “The Big Lie”, “Mully”, “Cool Runnings” and “October Sky.” All six of the movies kept my attention and were inspirational and thought provoking.  The four habits of persistence are a Definite Major Purpose (DMP), Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) Plan of Action and MMA (Mastermind Alliance).

The DMP is what drove Homer to achieve what his heart desired. The PMA kept his burning desire front and center and allowed him to attract the help of others. His POA carried him through needing to learn math and rocketry. His MMA became the team of supporters and mentors that helped him along the way to achieve his DMP.

October Sky

I choose “October Sky” which told the story of Homer Hickam and his journey from a high school age boy in a West Virginia coal mining town to working for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a spacecraft designer and crew trainer including training space shuttle astronauts.

Homer Hickam’s Odyssey began in 1957 when the Soviet Union successfully launched the Sputnik satellite and the whole could see it pass overhead in the night sky. This event created his DMP as the love and desire to learn anything and everything about rocketry and space travel.  His DMP was created when he said “I going to build a rocket”.

Along the way he attracted mentors, helpers and supporters to help him – Homer’s MMA (MasterMind Alliance). His teacher Miss Riley was his one of his most ardent supporters pushing him to see no boundaries and do what he wanted to do and not just fold into the coal mining future he had been born into. His classmate Quentin was his science and math mentor and also provided him with a sounding board for ideas. His classmates O’Dell and Roy Lee were there to encourage and be the physical helpers to build the rockets and structures. And to chase down errant rockets too. Another helper was Mr. Image result for homer hickamRelated imageBykovsky who welded rocket parts and also taught Homer to weld. At just the right time Mr. Bolden just happened to come to see a rocket launch and lo and behold he was interested in rocketry and discovered that the washer – nozzle – at the base of the rocket was made of inferior metal and had to be improved in order for the rocket to stay on course. In my mind Homer’s mother was a quieter but very important supporter of Homer’s adventure into rocketry. She supported and protected him from his father. She was able to enlist his father’s help to re-open the mine in time to get a stolen rocket nozzle remade in a few hours. There were many more supporters in the high school and also the citizens of Coalwood who rallied together to see the many test rocket launches.

At times Homer had roadblocks, setbacks and doubts but his PMA and burning desire kept him on course to overcome any and all obstacles and learn whatever he had tImage result for space shuttleo build a real rocket and win both of the science fairs he entered. He learned how to weld, learned the math required and stood up for himself when fighting with his father. All the while he kept pressing on towards the sky.

Homer’s POA came together as he needed it. Welding? With help from a mastermind partner he learned to weld. Math? Yes, he studied and learned math. When he was blamed for starting a fire with an errant rocket he proved with his knowledge of the trajectory that it was not his rocket that caused the fire.

While writing this blog about the four habits of persistence one paragraph from Charles Haanel’s Blueprint Builder came into my mind as it applies in the October Sky story. I bolded and italicized the sentence “I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects” in the fifth paragraph below. Homer Hickam attracted the people around him to help him but they also benefitted in the his work. The high school friends were able to go to college, his mother was able to gather some respect from her family, his teacher had the satisfaction of helping and seeing her students have a chance and make it out of the coal mines. Mr. Bolden was able to re-live some of the excitement and great memories from his service days. Even though Mr. Bykovsky was killed in the mine he was able to help and mentor the young rocketeers and make some extra money for his family.

When our plans are in accordance with the universal mind and do not take anything away from others involved we can truly achieve our dreams and do it in a harmonious way. I love being able to link what I am learning in the Master Key Experience to real life events. It makes the information come to life and that is very exciting.

Image result for CHarles haanel

Here is Charles Haanel’s Blueprint Builder.

First.  I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.

Second.  I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.

Third.  I know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Fourth.  I have clearly written down a description of my DEFINITE CHIEF AIM in life, and I will never stop trying, until I shall have developed sufficient self-confidence for its attainment.

Fifth.  I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.  I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people.  I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others.  I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.  I will cause others to believe in me, because I will believe in them, and in myself.

Image result for CHarles haanel

My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.



Week 13 – Applying the knowledge is working!

This week taught me that I am manifesting a better life. Bit by bit but progressing towards better things.

I have been trying to get some legal paperwork done for many months and have been getting stonewalled by the family members of the only person who could help me. All I needed was a signature on a simple document to correct a mistake made over 15 years ago. It took 3 and half weeks time to get the signature and the reason was that “Mom” (Delores – not her real name) was in a nursing home and was in “bad” shape.

I had to travel to the St. Paul the capital city of Minnesota. This is an hour’s drive each way in good conditions and longer when traffic or weather muddle the way. I had to resolve a vehicle title that could not be handled locally.  The journey started well  with minimum traffic and I was the first person in line and was given simple directions that unfortunately sent me to another building across town. That was the easy part of my day. I won’t go into all the details but 3 more hours and two more car trips to finally find someone who could help me. He was less than 10 feet away from the very first person I met. He was able to point me in the right direction. frustrating? Yes but no amount of frustration was going to solve my issue. Every person I met was greeted with a silent “I Love you” as directed in Scroll Two of Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”,

OG GS Scroll 2

“I greet this day with in my heart. And how will I confront each whom I meet? In only one way. In silence and to myself I will address them and say I love you. Though spoken in silence these words will shine in my eyes, unwrinkle my brow, bring a smile to my lips and echo in my voice and their heart will be opened. And who is there who will say nay to my goods when their heart feels my love?”

This helped me keep my cool and let me listen and not interrupt as I probably would have before. This allowed those I was speaking with to exhaust all of their ideas to help me before I asked for more. I had to return to some of these people two or three times during the day and when I needed their help again and again they gladly came back and answered my questions without any noticeable frustration because I treated the with love and respect.

My time was running out and I had one more stop to make. It seemed that every parking garage I drove past was full. While at a stop sign I said like this to myself,

” I need a parking garage close to the office and also need a spot close to the exit so I can get my work done and head home before the afternoon traffic jam starts”

As I drove past the entrance of the building I noticed the parking ramp that was FULL a few seconds ago changed to OPEN. That was cool I thought. Then I said to myself,

“All I need is a spot on the ground floor near the exit”

I drove in and pulled my ticket from the machine and there it was. A spot exactly where I needed and asked for it to be. I was able to rush in and get out and on the road in minutes. Now finding the parking garage and awesome parking spot might seem like a coincidence or a lucky break. That is exactly what I thought too. While at this last stop I found out the signature I got was on an older version of a document and was not valid for my purposes. Three and half weeks, a full day wasted and I was back to square one.

On the way home I had time to think about the day. I felt good that I kept my composure but could not thinking that I went about this all wrong. I was reacting to events instead of thinking of what I really wanted and need for a perfect outcome for all involved.

I thought back to week one of the Master Key Experience and thought of the Last pages of the week one workbook where it lists the “Blueprint Builder” from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow Rich”,


Paragraph Five states,

“I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built
upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does
not benefit all whom it affects. I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces
I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve
me, because of my willingness to serve others. I will eliminate hatred, envy,
jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity,
because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me
success. I will cause others to believe in me, because I will believe in them,
and in myself.”

I used the principles in chapter five to vision in my mind the perfect outcome.

Remember now the family had mentioned that Delores was in a nursing home and was in bad shape. The nursing home in in my home town and I thought I would stop by to see if I could to her myself. Questions ran through my mind – Was she bedridden? Was she on life support? Was she able to speak or in any condition to legally sign a document? The last thing I wanted to do was to impose on her or the family.

I kept thinking in my mind about what would the perfect outcome for all concerned be. Here is what came to my mind.

1. Delores would be lucid, remember me (she last saw me ~13 years ago, be able to understand what I was asking for and be able to sign the document of her own volition.

2. If any family members were present they would not cause any undue stress and would assist me if needed to get the signature I needed.

I went up to the 3rd floor and asked the nurse on duty if I could see Delores and she took me to see her. She told her that this man wants to see you. She looked at me and tilted her head a bit then smiled. I said,

“Hi Delores, it’s Mike Puffer”

She smiled even more and she came over to where I was standing. We talked for a bit to get caught up. She asked me about the family and even remembered my wife, two daughter and that ugly hairless greyhound we had. We went back to her room and I mentioned the paperwork I needed for her to sign. She took out a pen and signed the paper and told me to let he know if the was anything else I needed. As we talked she told me about her new laptop being a royal pain in the backside. Then she remembered that I worked on computers and asked me if I could help her. I said yes of course and we have an appointment for next week to get her laptop tuned up.

It could not have gone any better. If I would have started this process with thoughts or visions of the perfect outcome I would have saved a lot of time and stress. As I thought about this day and how it turned out in the end I realized I found a better way to live my life. This will be the norm from now on.

The teachings from the Master Key MasterMind Alliance (#MKMMA) or Master Key Experience #MKE) have brought me on a journey of self discovery and I am really starting to understand how to put this new knowledge in practice. From reading Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” the Blueprint Builder mentioned above and applying three of the “Seven Laws of the Mind” below I am building on the knowledge and skills I need to fulfill my definite purpose in life which is to build a tremendous financial legacy for my wife and family and to help others affected by traumatic brain injuries find whatever they need to to be able to thrive in their lives again.

From the Law of Substitution

“We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your
mind ~ try to think about God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any
fond memory or other pleasant thought. Jesus, the Master Teacher, said, “Resist not
evil” ~ meaning turn from it and think about something else instead.”

From the Law of Growth’

“Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.”

I thought of the perfect outcome instead of trying to figure out how to make it perfect. I left out any negative thoughts and they did not affect the outcome.

and The Law of Subconscious

“As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works
constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.”

As I replaced negative thoughts (Law of Substitution) with thoughts of a positive perfect outcome (Law of Growth) my subconscious mind (Law of Subconscious) opened up the reservoir of infinite resources manifesting the outcome I believed in and saw in my mind. The layers of crusty cement are breaking apart and the pile of cement chips on the ground is growing – and that is a good thing!

Seven Laws of the Mind

My name is Michael Puffer and I always keep my promises.